The Shack Is Back

A recent shocking survey was just released by the American

Culture And Faith Institute. It revealed that 90 % of the people

who call themselves Christians in America believe they have a

biblical worldview, but based on the survey they conducted

about their beliefs, they concluded that only 10 % really do.

Only one in ten could answer simple basic questions about their

faith and the Bible. Among millennials it was only 4 %. No

wonder we’re in the mess we’re in these days morally, when

people who call themselves Christians don’t even have a biblical

worldview themselves! How else could we have people who

call themselves Christians backing and voting for politicians

who promote abortion, or “gay marriage” and the whole

LGBTQ agenda? But we have been on a mission to rid our

culture of everything really Christian ever since we took prayer

and Bible reading out of the schools back in the ‘60’s.

The problem is that many people who call themselves

Christians are biblically ignorant because they don’t read their

Bible, they go to a church where it is not preached, or they rely

on Hollywood or Nashville to teach them what’s right or wrong.

I can guarantee you that Hollywood or Nashville are not going

to help you develop a biblical worldview!

I had to laugh a few weeks ago at the Oscar’s when Warren

Beatty awarded the Oscar for best picture to the movie, “La La

Land”, instead of the actual winner, “Moonstruck”. They were

so focused on bashing President Trump and promoting their political agenda that they couldn’t even get the ceremony right. And what was this best picture about? I didn’t know, but Franklin Graham has been warning Christians that this is a movie about the coming of age of a gay African-American man. But half the people who call themselves Christians will want to rush out to the theatre to see the “best picture”, if they already haven’t, and who cares how it influences my worldview.

Walt Disney, the folks that gave us Mickey Mouse and

Goofy, just broadcast their first gay cartoon kiss aimed at your

kids during the broadcast of their new cartoon, “Star vs. The

Forces Of Evil”. They also just slipped a gay scene into their

new version of “Beauty And the Beast”. Christian parents and

grandparents: don’t ever trust Disney if you care about your

kids! And the NFL, of all things, just used an ad that showed

two men kissing. What hope do we have of reclaiming a

biblical worldview or of instilling one in your kids if the

younger generation is constantly bombarded with sinful stuff

that contradicts a biblical worldview? Not much!

The movie version of the book, The Shack, just opened in

theatres across the country. Many professing Christians loved

The Shack, but I can only guess that it’s because they don’t

have a biblical worldview that they loved it. Talk about heresy. The Shack is filled with it! In The Shack, God the Father appears as a black woman named “Papa”, which fits perfectly with the current gender confusion being promoted by the LGBTQ crowd. Jesus is presented as a Middle Easterner, with atool belt, who is your buddy. The Holy Spirit is presented as an Asian woman. So, instead of showing us the Trinity as the Bibleteaches it, we are presented with a rainbow-flavored unholy mess. That alone should tell you all you need to hear! Listen to this quote from The Shack, and it should tell you whether it lines up with the Bible or not: Jesus says, “Those who love me come from every system that exists. They are Buddhists and Mormons, Baptists or Muslims…I have no desire to make them Christian, but I do want to join them in their transformation into sons and daughters of my Papa, into my brothers and sisters.” That makes it sound like everybody is going to heaven. But the real Jesus in the Bible said in John 3:5 that, “Except a man be born again of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” “Born again” followers of Jesus are indeed called “Christians”, not Muslims or Buddhists. The Shack presents a phony Jesus with a false gospel, designed to deny biblical truth and deceive the masses. The film is beautifully filmed with premium cinematography and a gorgeous soundtrack that will tug at your heartstrings as it feeds you heresy. Tell your friends to stay away from the book or the movie because the 9 out of 10 professing Christians that don’t have a biblical worldview are probably going to love it, as they are indeed indoctrinated with another dose of unbiblical heresy. The Shack is back all right, but the fact that so many professing Christians think it’s great, tells us how little hope we ever have of reclaiming a truly biblical worldview in our land!

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