Are The Terrorists Mad Because It’s Hot?

Surely by now you know that on Nov. 13 three teams of ISIS terrorists staged coordinated attacks at six different locations in Paris, France, killing at least 130 people and wounding over 350. The main target of the attack was the Bataclan theatre, a Paris concert hall owned by Jews, a fact that was not widely reported. The American rock group, Eagles of Death Metal, was in concert at the time of the attack. They were singing one of their favorite songs entitled, “Kiss The Devil”. Forget the Jewish and Muslim part of all this for a moment—How would you like to meet your Maker singing, “Kiss The Devil”? I don’t believe you would hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”, when you stood before God! Do you? Democratic presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, raised many eyebrows recently when he made the claim at the second Democratic primary debate that, climate change (what they used to call global warming) is the cause of terrorism. Years ago I never thought I would ever live to see the day when an avowed socialist could run for president out in the open in America and actually have a chance. His claim would be funny if the Obama administration had not previously made the same claim many times before that climate change was the cause of terrorism or that it was more of a threat than ISIS. Now Prince Charles has even jumped on the bandwagon and is making the same ludicrous claim that climate change is the underlying root cause of terrorism. Have our leaders gone mad? I hope that people in Huntingdon County are too smart to believe this kind of nonsense that the terrorists are “mad” at us because it’s hot! So, why are they “mad” if it’s not because it’s hot? If they had their way they would kill every Christian and Jew in the world because the Koran instructs them to “kill the infidels” (that’s us) whenever they find us. If you know Muslims that don’t believe that, which you very well might, it’s only because they don’t take their scriptures literal like ISIS does. I don’t hate Muslims, although some of them do hate me, nor do I hate Muslim refugees. But if you want to see what America will look like down the road if Islam gets the upper hand in our land, and what we’re in store for if we open wide the door to any that want to come without screening them, just take a good look at Dearborn, Michigan, where the Muslims have the majority right now. They have instituted Sharia law in Dearborn, which is not some little borough like I live in, but a major American city. The Prime Minister of France announced that the mastermind of the ISIS attacks in Paris was a refugee who manipulated the system to gain access to France and coordinate his attack plan. Should they be that shocked? The ISIS attacks in Paris were a direct result of Europe’s Syrian refugee program! ISIS issued a statement that Paris was at the top of their “Hit List” because it is “the capital of adultery and vice”. If that is the case, what do they think of San Francisco, Las Vegas and New Orleans? ISIS had announced publicly that they had managed to sneak thousands of trained killers into France with more on the way and that they were actually recruiting Syrian refugees, so how could what happened catch them off guard? And are we blind and dumb at the same time over here? Remember the Boston Marathon bombers. Weren’t they also Muslim refugees? And if we’re so anxious to help Syrian refugees, why aren’t we helping any of the Christian ones? These are questions of national security that we need answers for and that have nothing to do with politics. Someone asked me recently how as a Christian I could not care for those Syrian refugees. Who said I didn’t care for them? I just want to make sure that the ones we do let in aren’t going to try and blow us up! Pennsylvania has announced it is one of the few states in the country that is going to welcome Syrian refugees. I hope if you are as concerned as I am that you will call your congressman and our governor and express your disapproval. How many of them do you suppose that Governor Wolf will invite to stay at his house? Radical Islam is at war with us, whether you believe it or not, and they’re not just “mad” because it’s hot! They hate us and everything about us, especially the Christian and Jewish parts! But our president won’t even use the words “radical Islam”. He won’t even use the word “Islamic” when referring to ISIS, even though it’s a part of their name! That’s not what I call them, but what they call themselves! How can we ever think of winning a war against someone we won’t even call the enemy? I pray it’s not too late for us to wake up and to call upon the Lord for help! May God have mercy on us as a people!

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