Is The Handwriting On The Wall As America Parties?

Anyone familiar at all with the Bible has at least heard of the night the hand writing appeared on the wall in Babylon to King Belshazzar. Babylon was surrounded by the Mede and Persian armies while the city partied. Babylon believed it was unconquerable, thinking its walls could withstand any assault and its provisions and water supply could outlast any siege. But that night the hand of God wrote on the wall. As Daniel interpreted the words for the king, Daniel 5:26 said: “God has numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.” Vs. 30-31 went on to say: “In that night was Belshazzar the king of the Chaldeans slain. And Darius the Median took the kingdom.” Babylon fell that night because the handwriting was on the wall! No one loves our country anymore than I do, nor is anyone any more patriotic, either. I don’t want you to think I am one that despises America, because I don’t. I wish I could be more optimistic about our future, but it appears that unless we repent, the handwriting is on the wall for us as it was for Babylon, while America parties away, oblivious to what may be coming. Anyone who has studied Bible prophecy knows that America is not specifically mentioned in Bible prophecy, probably because she will either suddenly or gradually cease to be a world power. But what will happen to us, many who are bothered by that thought ask? Many potential threats are creating the “perfect storm” that could devastate our country in the days ahead. A friend of mine from years ago, Bill Rudge, listed a number of “potential threats” to what will happen to America in the days ahead in his September, 2015 newsletter from his ministry. I want to borrow them for my column today. The following, he said, are a few possibilities of what will probably bring America down. For the sake of space I will have to limit what he said about each of them. China is a major concern and is preparing for an inevitable war with America, which they intend to win. While many Americans are undisciplined and weak, the Chinese are training and strengthening. Cyber attacks by hackers have broken into computer systems and breached our security, stealing military secrets as well as identity information on millions of federal workers, military personnel, and U.S. Citizens. This information could be used to blackmail federal employees with access to sensitive information. Iran is nearing nuclear capability and has repeatedly announced its intention to nuke Israel and America. Russia could unleash devastation on America with a preemptive strike using nuclear submarines off our shores. Russia and a coalition of Arab nations, in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 & 39, could then invade Israel without the U.S. hindering or thwarting the attack. Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) with resulting loss of all electronic equipment could throw America back to the 1800’s. Acts of terror across America, including attacks against major utilities (water, gas, electric…) could cripple America. The border with Mexico is extremely vulnerable. Internal chaos from violent crime, gang violence, mass shootings in public places, military bases schools, and other places and rioting have permeated our country. Extreme weather and natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, polluted/toxic streams and rivers, droughts, heat waves, hail, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, and/or earthquakes could cause untold havoc across America. Financial burdens could cascade into economic chaos and collapse from escalating national debt, skyrocketing health care, soaring living expenses, and increasing taxes. We are the most formidable fighting force in the world, but the state of the economy could be our undoing. Sexually transmitted diseases could reach epidemic proportions and pandemic bacterial and virus infections are not inconceivable. Moral decay (of all sorts) is taking a heavy toll on America. That ends Bill’s list of a few of the possibilities that could bring America down. This chipping away at our foundation by all these things, leave us vulnerable in many areas. But none of these would even be possibilities had we not turned our back on the Lord, thereby forfeiting His protection and blessing. But sin has caused us to become so blind that many of our citizens don’t see the imminent dangers that lie ahead. The same things that brought down Babylon and other great nations are playing out right in front of our eyes. What will it be that finally brings us down? Only God knows! If America were to repent, perhaps things could change if we’ve not already crossed the point of no return, but I don’t see any signs of national repentance on the horizon. I pray the handwriting is not already on the wall for the country I love so dearly! Rev. Darrell Nicklow Orbisonia Church Of The Nazarene—447-3640

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