Could This Be A September To Remember?

I am going to talk about some things in my article today that I can’t say for certain are going to happen this September. I am not a prophet. But they might and I feel compelled to at least cause you to think about them. There is a feeling among many that momentous events are about to take place unlike anything we have ever lived through before. Surely the coming of the Lord is very near and this could be a September to remember! The first event will take place Sunday evening, Sept. 13, whether anything sensational happens around it or not. That will mark the Shemitah, when the sabbatical year on the Jewish calendar ends. This is when Rosh HaShana, the Feast of Trumpets, begins. Some believe the Rapture could occur on some future Rosh HaShana, since Jesus fulfilled something momentous on the four previous feast days. I’m not saying it will or it won’t—could be. I’m looking for Him today! Some of you have heard of Jonathan Cahn, author of the books, The Harbinger and The Mystery Of The Shemitah. Cahn has pointed out that “America’s two greatest financial shakings occurred on successive Hebrew Shemitah years following the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks on the US.” Sept. 17, 2001 was the beginning of the economic calamity when Lehman Brothers collapsed. Seven years later, Sept. 29, 2008, marked the next big crash that we haven’t recovered from yet. The Shemitah year comes every seven years. Sept. 13 will mark the next seven year cycle, only that night the fourth Blood Moon in the last two years will also occur, and all four have occurred on Jewish holidays. Talk about signs in the sky! I don’t know if anything will happen, but we are not far from finding out! Just two days after Rosh HaShana, on Sept. 15, 2015, France is expected to bring a vote to the UN to establish a two state solution by recognizing a Palestinian state alongside of Israel. Israel, of course, has condemned such a proposal, but who knows. If they went along with it that would mean giving away part of the Promised Land. If they did it would involve signing a peace treaty, which could be the treaty the antichrist will bring about. If that were the case that could mean the Rapture would have occurred two days before on Rosh HaShana. Who can say for sure, but one thing for sure—we’re not far from seeing! Just a few days after that, Sept. 25-27, the UN will launch what they call a sustainable agenda for the entire earth. This is what the UN says: “This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet, and prosperity that also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. All countries acting in collaborative partnership will implement the Agenda. We are resolved to free the human race from tyranny of poverty and want to heal and secure our planet for recent and future generations. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps needed to shift the world on to a sustainable path.” Who knows what that means, but you can be sure it will threaten our 2nd Amendment rights and every other right and freedom we hold dear here in America! But no man-made plan will ever bring peace to the world. Only when Jesus returns the 2nd time will He bring it! By now I’m sure most of you have at least heard about the Ron Paul video warning about the inevitable financial collapse that he and others believe is coming this fall. Many are warning about the collapse of the dollar this fall, or of the dollar being replaced by some other currency like the Chinese Yuan as the world’s reserve currency. Many are warning about a stock market crash that will wipe many people’s savings out if the dollar collapse doesn’t do it. Many are warning that you should buy gold or silver, and various other things. Will any of this happen? I don’t know, but we’re not far from finding out! I don’t give financial advice, but I would urge you to pray and ask God if there is anything you should do prepare for a possible economic collapse. But even if something doesn’t happen this fall, our nation cannot continue on the financial path we’re on without there being a financial collapse someday soon! Space keeps me from mentioning many other things like the ISIS war on Christianity, the Iran deal, how California and the west is being judged by God right now, etc. How should we respond when we hear of things like this? Some will scoff, but we’ll soon see if there’s anything to any of it or not, won’t we? Others will stick their head in the sand and act like none of this could ever happen, but what if it does? Then what? Some will say we should build a fortified bunker stocked with survival food and gold and AK-47’s. I’m not against preparation, but how many could do that if they wanted to? Some will respond with fear and worry over what may lie ahead. But Jesus told His followers to “Fear not”, to “cast your care upon me” , and to “take no thought for tomorrow”. So, what should we do, if anything? We should absolutely draw as close to God in the days ahead as we can. We should ask Him for direction. And we should trust Him to the point that we have peace in our heart and soul, no matter what looks like it looms on the horizon. Everything is screaming at us that the coming of the Lord is drawing near. But will any of this happen this September? Maybe, maybe not, but this could well be a September to remember, and it won’t be long until we find out! But whether these things point to Jesus’ soon coming or not, Jesus said in Luke 21:28, ”When these things begin to come to pass, then lookup, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” We’re long past the “these things beginning to come to pass” stage. Soon Christ will take His church out of here in the Rapture. Whether this September or not I cannot say for sure and I would not be foolish enough to set any dates, but we would be fools not to recognize what is quickly happening right in front of our eyes, and to not get right with God and to start living right, for whenever He calls us home! Rev. Darrell Nicklow Orbisonia Church Of The Nazarene—447-3640

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