You can help us!

Thank you for visiting our church website! We are glad that we are able to minister to you in this way, and hope you have benefited from listening to sermons, etc. The people of our church put this ministry on for your benefit. We do not ask for money i any way for maintenance of our website, but do feel compelled to tell you that it does cost moeny to do this. Being a church, in the tough economic times we are living in, if someone felt led to help us financially, we certainly would not turn down your financial help, and your donation would go toward this outreach ministry. You do not need to feel obligated to do so in order to visit our site, but if you would like to make a contribution to our ministry, make your check or money order out to: Orbisonia Church of the Nazarene, P. O. Box 1, Orbisonia, Pa. 17243. You won't get placed on a mailing list if you help-- we don't have one. Nor will we solicit money form you in the future. If you do wish to help, we thank you in advance and invite you to share our website with others. We also covet your prayers. Thanks, and God bless!