About the Rockhill Church of the Nazarene


     Early in 1940, Rev. H. B. Huffman, an evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene, saw an empty church building, formerly used by the English Episcopal congregation which was erected in 1885. Mr. Huffman secured permission from Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Bernhardt who were then the owners of the property, to hold revival servervices in the building which lasted for about five weeks.

     At the close of these revival services, the District Superintendent of the Washington District of teh Church of the Nazarene, Rev. J. H. Parker, was called to organize the group into the First CHurch of the Nazarene, Rockhill Furnace, Pennsylvania.

     The following persons had joined the newly organized church: Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Holland, Elmer Daughenbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. William Pyles, Mr. ad Mrs. Eward S. Pyles, Mr and Mrs. Samuel McCoy, Mr and Mrs. William Daughenbaugh, Mrs. Kathryn Madden, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Steninger and family, Harrison, Alden, Merle and Mrs. Mable Steninger Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Glunt, Mrs. Dela Jenkins, Mrs. Gladys Winnick Witowski, Mrs. Leona Chilcote, Mrs. William Lynn and Robert Snyder.

     Two of the neighboring Churches of the Nazarene assisted in getting this newly organized church off to a good start.

     The McConnellstown Church of the Nazarene purchased the church building for the new group when they became strong enough financially,they returned the price of the transaction and the property was deeded to them in April of 1941

     The Broad Top Church of the Nazarene helped financially as well as in personnel and attendance. Mr A. J. Foore, a member of the Broad Top church acted as the chairman of the board of tustees; Elmer Daughenbaugh as secretary: Edward S. Pyles, A. G. Holland and Samuel McCoy were appointed to serve as trustees until a pastor could be called to the new church.

     Under the direction of the District Superintendent, Rev. J. H. Parker, the church called the Rev. Lewis King of near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvana, for their first pastor. Mr. King arrived in February, 1941.

     On March 13, 1941, the new pastor called a church meeting to elect a complete group of church officers to replace those who were appointed temporarily. The folling were elected:

         Trustees- Edwatd S. Pyles, Alden Steninger, and William Pyles

Stewards- Elmer Daughenbaugh, Malbe Snyder and Meda Pyles

Robert Snyder was elected church secretary; A. G. Holland treasurer; and Henry Steninger, the Sunday School Superintendent.


     Rev. King pastored the church for two and one half years. Then Rev. Startell Moore was called to be the pastor. During this time the church was incorporated and recieved its charter August 27, 1945.

     Late in 1945, Rev. Don R. Hoffman was called as pastor. During his pastorate, the church built a new parsonage, and began an addition to the church. When Rev. Hoffman resigned to pastor the West Chester, Pennsylvania, church, Rev. Kenneth Akens was called to be pastor. During his pastorate, the building addition was finished.

     Following the resignation of Rev. Akens, the church called Rev. George Wolf, who served as pastor for three and one half years. When Mr. Wolf resigned to go to Allentown, Pennsylvania, Rev. Joseph D. Biscoe was called to serve the congregation. Mr. Biscoe served for almost two and one half years and was then called to pastor the church at Newark, Delaware. The church then called Rev. Colser A. Johnson in October 1957.

     During the ministry of Rev. Johnson, the Mortgage Burning took place. When Rev. Johnson resigned to go to Laurel, Delaware, the church then called Rev. Donald Keith in 1964.

     During the ministry of Rev. Donald Keith, the building of a Sunday School Annex was completed. Also, at this time, the church was stirred to new interests in behalf of foreign missions. In September of 1971, the Keiths were asked to go to St. Johns, Newfoundland, to pastor a home mission church there.

     In January of 1972, Rev. Richard E. Vandervort was called to  be the pastor. During his ministry, the sanctuary was remodeled, new heating systems put into both the church  and the parsonage, and interests in foreign missions continued, along with home missions becoming a new area of service. Also, a Children's Church was begun in conjucnction with the Bus Ministry. Weekly, an Outreach Sunday School Class is held at the Shirley Home for the Aged in Shirleysburg.

     In December, 1982, Rev. Paul Bambling was called to Pastor the church. During his ministry a refurbishing of the sanctuary was completed - new organ, covering of the church pews, new carpet, and the sanctuary was air conditioned, as well as new walks around the parsonage. The long sought after property that joins the paved parking lot was obtained as a gift from the East Broad Top Corporation. The house and the additional lot accross the street was purchased and paid for. On the second lot, the new Christian Life Fellowship Building was built. It was dedicated on July 17, 1988. Rev. Bambling retired from ministry in August of 1992.

     The church called Rev. Darrell Nicklow to be pastor in December of 1992. He is the present pastor. During his ministry these major improvements were made to the facilities: the parking lot was doubled in size along with an equipment building built out back, the adjoining property next to Black Log Creek was purchased from Bill Waite, the oak woodwork in the sanctuary was redid and the platform was expanded, the church bathrooms were remodeled, air conditioning was expanded to the entire church facilities, the parsonage kitchen was done over, and a grand piano was purchased for the sanctuary. These ministries were also added: for 13 years Release Time classes were held in the Fellowship Hall with kids from the Rockhill Elementary School; a Ladies Ministry was added with Mrs. Nicklow hosting a yearly Ladies "Tea"; the church has a radio called, "God's Word For Today", for the past 20 years, which can also be heard on the computer worldwide; pastor has been writing "Heart & Soul" articles for The Valley Log newspaper, for the last 18 years. All sermons are now recorded and put onto our church website and our YouTube Channel.



Former Pastors

Lewis King 1941-1943

Sartell Moore 1943-1945

Don R. Hoffman 1945-1950

Kenneth Akens 1950-1951

George L. Wolf 1951-1955

Joseph D. Biscoe 1955-1957

Colser A. Johnson 1957-1964

Donald Keith 1964-1971

Richard E. Vandervort 1972-1982

Paul Bambling 1982-1992

Darrell Nicklow 1992- 2021